Friday, 19 December 2014

Patchwork wallpaper cupboard

I have a cupboard in my sewing room that is far from beautiful.   The cupboard is useful so it will stay.  I cannot remove old labels from the cupboard.   I had a brain wave while meditating that I could put wallpaper over the ugly areas of the cupboard.  I thought why not patchwork wallpaper?   Patchwork in a sewing room is very appropriate.  
Sewing room cupboard

I got free wallpaper sample books from Inspiration Paint in Bowral

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Tidying continues.......

I am starting to really enjoy the tidying process.    I had a second look at some of my clothes.   The priority is only keeping clothes I love.    All decisions  were very easy.

Kathy phoned me this afternoon.    Kathy's car has completely broken down and Kathy was waiting for a tow truck to take the car away.     Instead of being down Kathy was excited.  Kathy had bought " the life-changing magic of tidying up............" for her kindle.    Kathy said she was so happy with the tidying process.

Hooray, for tidy spaces!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ideas about tidying

These are what I have found important in my reading of  "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.....".  I love the book and no one has paid me to say that.

  1. Tidy your house all at once and do it NOW.
  2. Discard first, sort and tidy later.
  3. Start with the easy stuff
  4. Put everything in each category in one place first 
  5. Throw away everything you do not LOVE.
  6. Ditch old paperwork.
  7. Let go with love (gifts and keepsakes)
  8. Do not buy expensive or complicated storage equipment
  9. Learn how to fold clothes- then store them "standing up"    folding video 
  10. Treat your possessions like people (with respect)
I have not finished the book but I have already started the process of tidying my clothes.  I love learning new ideas and applying the ideas to help my life.  I want to let the house shine and let the house nurture my little family and me.  Everyone has to do tidying for themselves.  I will not do Ron's stuff.  I am hoping the example of my tidy and organised self will rub off on Ron.

There is always some excuse not to tidy.  " I have no money, I have no time, I have no storage,"  The list is endless.  The important part is to start and not waste time living in a less than ideal environment.

I have been accused of have one foot out the door and living for the future.  I admit it.  I do have an eye on eventually selling our large house and downsizing as we age.  When the time comes it will be easy if our belongings are only the things we love and need.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


A new book from the book depository
Ron and I are tidy and organised but there is always room for improvement.
I am half way through reading the book and I am learning techniques that I will be using at home.
I think it will be life changing!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Gardening Monday

Thank you , Al for your help with the garden today.  It was a hot sweaty morning weeding, pruning and planting.

Al and Ron are planting sunflowers after weeding the garden bed.  The lucerne hay is waiting in the yardcart ready to mulch the bed.

Oscar and our resident magpies inspect the gardening jobs.

Baby magpie is nearly as big as mother magpie.
We are so lucky to have magpies sharing our garden

Sunday, 14 December 2014

From Scratch....Fabric painting Part 1

 I  set up a craft table outside in the sun in the backyard.
This fabric paint will not wash out so I need to wear old clothes

This is very messy.  I placed wet fabric on an old green cutting board.

Now the fun begins.    I love paint.

I chose dress silouhettes.......not cats!!!!!
The quilt is called "Hood Coutre" no" Hood Couture"
Applique dresses will replace the black shapes.

From scratch......fabric painting Part 2

Adding salt to make the paint look textured

The dresses are put over the paint to wait for the sun to dye the shape

The sun has dried and the shape is visible on the fabric.

The fabric is washed to remove the salt.  The fabric is dried in the shade.

Fabric Painting and Sun Dying

Last year I went to a two day workshop on fabric painting, sun dying, applique and quilting.  These are the mini art quilts I have done so far.  It is lots of fun.

I painted the background and appliqued the eagle during the workshop.  At home I quilted and bound the quilt. Thank you Ken Redpath for the fabulous photos for this project.

Oscar was a obvious choice for my second attempt.

Getting more and more adventurous I painted, appliqued, quilted and bound the quilt.
This time I composed a poem and sewed all the words in free motion.
I love Celtic designs so I quilted a Celtic border around the quilt.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

A Lovely Kit to Knit

In the post today I received a lovely kit.  I had ordered the kit from the Book Depository  .  It is "Knit your own dog"  A Beagle.

Oscar is an English Cocker Spaniel.  There were no kits for English Cocker Spaniels. 

 I have admired Beagles for years when I have  seen them at the airports as Quarantine dogs.    We used to regularly fly from Sydney to Perth.    When we arrived at Perth airport the beagles sniffed all the passengers for banned fruit and vegetables.     According to the booklet in the knitting kit, Beagles have 22o million scent receptors compared with man's 5 million.  No wonder Beagles are the preferred quarantine dogs.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Ron's birthday shirt

Recently I bought the above DVD of "Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse" featuring Marta Alto.
I have watched the DVD a couple of times and the hints and tips for sewing shirts are fantastic.   I decided to try the techniques on Ron's birthday train shirt.   Today I got up to the collar and I am very pleased with the result.

I am trying McCalls 2447  for  Ron's birthday train shirt

I am proud of this two piece collar.
This is the neatest collar that I have ever sewn.  Hooray!