Friday, 28 August 2015

Weeks and Weeks without a computer

Life goes on without a computer.  My laptop had to be returned to HP under warranty as it completely broke down.  The Snow White laptop was only bought at the end of April and it was so disappointing that it broke down so quickly.
Life goes on with ..........  
I keep sewing 

We love Oscar                                                                                                                           
Oscar's chemotherapy treatment is a success.  Hooray!                                      

 A new exciting garden is being planned

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Sixteen Patchwork Blocks Ready to Sew Together to make a new Quilt

Now that I have made the sixteen log cabin blocks I have realised it was not the book but it was me who made the mistake.    Number 5 block is the wrong way around.   Too bad I always leave mistakes in my patchwork.   I have never been a perfectionist and I am not going to start unpicking now.   I love patchwork mistakes and all.  I have to sew the blocks together and add a navy border.  Still some way to go.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Stars Appear

There are twelve pieces of fabric in each patchwork star.   Before today I thought the stars would be a quick sew.   No way!   I had still had to remember the order of the darks/lights of the log cabin while incorporating the triangles and squares to make stars.   The job was much easier with the patchwork numbered and clinging to the design wall.   The Jelly Roll book had  the wrong instructions.   I did not fall into making a mistake as I could see on the design wall the proper order to make the stars twinkle in the log cabin patchwork.   Luckily I never follow instructions if I can work it out myself.   Today's patchwork benefited from my  rebel approach to following rules.  Hooray!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

New Patchwork Quilt with Jelly Rolls

Last weekend I started a new patchwork quilt.  It is another log cabin using  jelly rolls.   I like scrappy looking patchwork rather than perfectly coordinated quilts.   I have roughly followed log cabin rules with the pink fabrics being the dark part and the other coloured fabric  being the light part of the log cabin.  
 Triangles and squares in the last round of the log cabin make hidden stars.  Jelly roll patchwork is fast and fun.   I have the Marti Michell log cabin ruler to make cutting the patchwork logs very fast and accurate.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Oscar has his second chemotherapy treatment

Oscar has been reacting well to his treatment for lymph cancer.  Today Oscar had his second session of chemotherapy.  It has been such a relief for Ron and I to know that Oscar is such a star patient.
More home medication and then more blood tests next week.
Oscar has put on weight as he has a hearty appetite.  Oscar has returned to his naughty barking for attention.  Ron and I do not mind at all as barking is better than a sad sick boy dog.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Monogram Initials for my Jeans Pockets

My initials are JH.    Here are my stylised initials sewn on the  pockets of my the next jeans I am making.   I used satin stitch over a chalk outline.  I like it.   I will see very little of this work as I will be sitting on these back pockets. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Oscar and Lymph cancer

Oscar has had a series of illnesses this year.  Oscar is 13 years 7 months old.   Recently Ron and I had the most devastating news that a dog parent can get .....Oscar has large cell lymph cancer.  The cancer was well advanced as it is in the spleen and bones.

Dr James Blackshaw, the chief vet,offered to try Oscar on a course of chemotherapy.  On Thursday afternoon Oscar went into the vet surgery for the first treatment.  Oscar got L-Asparaginase in an injection and Vincristine in a drip.  At home  Ron and I are giving Oscar Prednisolone and Amoxyclav with Amacin eye ointment.

We had to be very careful  in the first days after chemo as Oscar's wee and poo were poisonous.  Oscar immune system is lowered by the drugs so we are keeping him at home in isolation.

On Tuesday Oscar goes back to Dr James for blood tests.  Depending on the results Oscar will have a second "heavy hitting" type of chemo to kill the cancer in the bones.

We are trying but Ron and I are realistic.  Oscar is old with advanced cancer, we are treasuring our time with Oscar.
Oscar and Ron on the sun lounger today.
It is a cold Winter day so it is lovely to be in a warm comfortable house.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Rubbish Skip

I get a thrill out of getting rid of rubbish and enjoying organised spaces.  Ron and I tackled the garage rubbish.  We find rubbish accumulates quicker in the garage than anywhere else.  I equate unwanted belongings to burdens that take up valuable space and weigh me down.  Now that all that rubbish has gone I will rearrange the garage again with space to move.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Foundation Pieced Flying Geese Patchwork

Photocopy the flying geese foundations

So simple.
 Sew on the lines and follow the numbers.

Just keep adding and sewing.

Auditioning the flying geese columns.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hydrangeas and Hazelnut trees

Gardens always require some work all year.  Even in the middle of winter there are jobs to do.  Ron has been pruning the hydrangeas over many days.  We have filled up our green waste bin with the tough hydrangea prunings.

More excitingly we received a parcel from Diggers  
I had ordered four Hazelnut trees to make an informal hedge.  Two hazelnut trees are the variety called Wanliss Pride.  The other two hazelnut trees are the variety called Cosford.  To produce hazelnuts to eat it is necessary to have two varieties for cross pollination.  The Diggers club provided information about planting, cross pollination and lots more.

It was cold but dry when Ron pruned the hydrangeas.

A spot or two of rain did not stop Ron and I planting the new hazelnut tree hedge.  The tree guards are around the trees to prevent lawnmower damage.

Too wet for an old cocker spaniel.
Oscar waits under the old carport while Ron and I plant.

Four hazelnut trees.
I hope they grow and provide us with yummy hazelnuts.