Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Winter Garden in Progress

The sweet peas are growing slowly but steadily.

A close up of the sweet pea seedlings.  The sweet peas are reaching upwards with tiny tendrils.  I think I will look for some plastic mesh to buy to help the sweet peas climb and stay steady in Winter gales.
Ron has made great progress removing weeds.
The Supervising Spaniel, Oscar is never far away from Ron.

Ron is feeding and watering the new little  kale seedlings.  Ron prefers Seasol mixed with water in the watering can.
It is an exhausting job for Oscar to supervise Ron and my gardening activities.  Oscar needs an afternoon nap.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Playing with Patchwork

Cut the jelly roll strips in half.
Take 8 strips and sew together along the length of the strip

Press all the seam allowances in the same direction

Sew the top strip to the bottom strip to make a tube.
Press all the seam allowances around the tube.

With the kaleidoscope triangle cut through all layers.

The triangles open up to be diamonds.  I have pinned over the outside seam allowances.  I will tack the seam allowances down.  I plan to have pink diamond applique on a cushion.  With this technique it is possible to join the diamonds to make a stripy star.     I love playing around with patchwork 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jelly Friends is now a Cushion

No Jelly Friends quilt .
  I have made a Jelly Friends cushion.  I like a life surrounded by colour and pattern.  I used other strips from the jelly roll to add borders to the design.  The back of the cushion is a Kaffe Fasset fabric.  I have inserted a zipper in the back for easy removal of the cushion insert.  I spent the day lurking in the sewing room when it was a glorious Autumn day. There is always tomorrow for gardening.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Jelly Friends

The half square triangles did not fit well with the four patch.
I  had to adjust the seam allowances so it would fit together.
I will have to meditate on whether to continue with this pattern or use this block for a cushion and try another jelly roll patchwork.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Block one- Jelly Friends

I have set out some elements of Block One of Jelly Friends on my design board.  I like strange and bright fabric colour combinations.   I will audition the sashing strips and then sew up the block.    This is an easy and very enjoyable patchwork.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Jelly Friends

I have had a couple of difficult days with computer problems, a head cold and a fall over the computer cord.  I left the computer alone and I feel like trying something new.  I am a subscriber of "Quilters Companion" magazine.     Every issue of this magazine has a DVD included.  This issue's DVD is of Katrina Hadjimichael working with 2 1/2 inch strips.  The feature quilt is called  "Jelly Friends".  I have decided to make this patchwork with my newly bought jelly roll called   "Best.Day.Ever!" April Rosenthinal of Prairie Grass Patterns by MODA.
Today  I unrolled the jelly roll and studied the colours of  the fabric.  

A guilty secret......why stop at one jelly roll?
I bought a red and a yellow junior jelly roll before my computer played up.
For me the more colours the happier I am.

Pure Wool/Pure Cotton

To add to our new supa wool futon I have bought pure wool/pure cotton pillows online.  I found normal pillows can be hot and sweaty so when I saw pure wool/pure cotton Australian pillows I thought I would buy two to try.  The idea of pure wool/pure cotton is that  natural products breathe and are more comfortable.  The wool and cotton products are rated suitable for people with allergies and asthma.  The company website
The pillows were delivered by Australia post.

Ron and I like the pillows so much that we ordered two more.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Dreaming of Patchwork and Applique

I got early birthday presents today. 
 Ron and I went to Berrima Patchwork    I had pre-ordered Tamsin Harvey's applique book called "Constantinople Quilts".  Little did Ron  know, he had bought "Constantinople Quilts" as a birthday present.  My birthday is not until June but it is better early than late.

I have been inspired by Katrina Hadjimichael's work with 2 1/2inch jelly roll strips.  I bought my first jelly roll today.  I bought the brightest jelly roll I could find.  The jelly roll is called "Best.Day.Ever" by Moda.  I am very exicited about trying new techiques and patterns with patchwork.

I have a love of sewing tools and notions.  Today I bought a Matilda's Own triangle.  I am sure I can find 100 and 1 uses for a 45 degree triangle.

Planning, dreaming and imagining creative projects are often as much fun as actually making the things.
Two of my delights in one book.  Armchair travelling and sewing together.

Ooooo a jelly roll of fabric.
It looks good enough to eat.

A useful triangle

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bag and Steam Trains

I made Simplicity 3257 for my gym bag.
This bag is big enough to place my baguette bag and all the gym stuff inside.

Ron and Oscar relaxing.   Ron has fallen in love with steam train Youtube videos.  Snow White (the new white laptop) has much better sound than old Black Beauty computer.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Wonderful Walk to Nina and Ken's home

I have had two days of computer problems.  Now it is time to enjoy the Autumn sunshine and walk to Nina and Ken's home for afternoon tea and chat.
Out our gate

Down towards the creek

Past the dead tree

Over the creek

Along side Caalong Creek

Going home after cuppa, chat and cake.
What a fun afternoon