Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Oscar today

Oscar today.
Oscar has had no side effects at all from his chemotherapy.
Oscar is an old boy.  He will be 14years old on 28th November.
Oscar  does a border patrol every day looking for nuisance cats who want to toilet in his yard.  Oscar  goes for short walks everyday with Ron or myself.    All in all Oscar is a pleasure to which to share our lives.
Ron and I are so grateful.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Last Chemotherapy for Oscar

I took Oscar this morning for his last chemotherapy session at Moss Vale Veterinary hospital.  Oscar is a good boy.  Oscar knows the routine.
Ron and I went off to the dentist and home to wait for the phone call to pick up Oscar after his treatment.  The phone call came at 2pm with instructions to pick Oscar up at 3pm.
Firstly Crystal gave me a bag of goodies for Oscar as a celebration of his long course of chemotherapy treatment.

Next to my surprise and shock Dr James gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
James talked about how all the staff appreciated our entrusting Oscar to their care.
I felt very emotional and said it should be me giving flowers to the staff for their care and skill with Oscar's treatment.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Going, going, gone...... plus tomato update

The rusty old carport

What an eyesore even photographed at an angle

Roy was fast and efficient.

Gone........and taken to the tip.
Ron and I are very pleased.

The tomato seedlings have been potted on into  large tubs. There are three tomato seedlings per tub.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Garden news

The tomato seedlings have grown well.

The shelter of the glass entrance porch is fabulous for growing tomato seedlings.  Early Spring weather is capricious.  Recently the morning temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius.  I wait until well into November to plant tomatoes in the garden beds.

We bought a bird feeder kit from the Village Woodworks  Robertson.  Yesterday Ron dug a hole and concreted the post into the ground.  Today we tried to fit the top of the bird feeder on the post.  No screws came with the top and post so we had to search in the garage for a spare screw.  The bottom of the top is curved which is not ideal.  The pre-prepared holes did not line up with the post.  Ron and I are inventive so we assembled the bird feeder in the best way we could.  Time will tell if the birds like the new bird feeder.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Kiama and Kathy

Ron and I had a lovely trip to Kiama.  We met up with Kathy and Mick.  Kathy's art was exhibited with her class in the centre of Kiama.

Ron, Kathy and Mick outside the art gallery.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Ontrac with Regular Exercise

Every Wednesday and Friday Ron and I go to Ontrac gym.   We have an individual exercise programme to strengthen our weaknesses and build on our physical strengths.   We have an hour of exercise.   I find it all enjoyable but tiring.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

How sweet it photos today!

Dutch Iris

The three photos above are of Sweet Peas.
I LOVE Sweet Peas.  The aroma of sweet peas is so lovely.  The aroma brings to mind happy Springtimes of the past.
The Sweet peas are the first of many from our garden.  These Sweet peas were grown from seed.  The seeds were purchased from the Diggers Club
It is well worth the effort to grown sweet peas in the garden.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Decorating begins

Ron relaxing in the hut.
I have put one of my quilts on the wall for decoration.
I bought a wooden rod to hang the quilt.  The wooden rod did not work in the space.  I went back to my favourite way of hanging my textiles.  A picture hook in the wall and skirt hangers on the quilt.  This method works every time for an inconspicuous hanging method.
I want to make some other smaller wall hangings for the other walls.
It was 33 degrees in the hut today.  That is very hot for our area.  I will hurry up the electrician to install lights and many power points.